1829 “Curl Base 2” Capped Bust Dime

Identified as JR-10, the 1829 “Curl Base 2” Capped Bust Dime (Buy on eBay) is an extremely rare variety of the series. The base of the number “2” within the date is distinctly curled, as opposed to the square base which appears for all other varieties.

The “Curl Base 2” variety was only discovered in 1973, and virtually all known examples are in low grades with many exhibiting damage or cleaning. An estimated 40 pieces are believed to exist, although the issue remains an active target for cherry pickers, who may find the rare variety unattributed amongst common, low-grade examples of the date.

Examples of the variety graded Good-4 have sold for prices in excess of $5,000 at auction. The current finest known example graded PCGS VF35 sold for $25,850 at auction in 2017.