1829 “Curl Base 2” Capped Bust Dime

Identified as JR-10, the 1829 “Curl Base 2” Capped Bust Dime is the only variety of the year with a curled base 2 in the date (pictured at left above), as opposed to a square base 2 as all the other varieties (pictured at right).

Ranked as a R-6, there are only an estimated 30 pieces known to exist across all grade levels. Interestingly, this variety was only discovered in 1973, and virtually all known examples are in extremely low grades. Many examples will also exhibit damage or cleaning.  This variety virtually unobtainable in grades higher than F-12.

While there are a few more rare die varieties within this series, the 1829 JR-10 is the penultimate variety, and the true key set to a full set of Capped Bust Dime die varieties. Examples graded Good-4 have recently sold for prices in excess of $5,000 at auction.